Website Building 22-Nov

Most of us do not know computer coding and so when we want to build a website, we have to rely on website development tools like Godaddy to assist us. These website development tools were used to create at least 60% of the websites on the internet today and so do not think you are alone in seeking assistance. What these website development tools do is allow you, in plain text, to state what you would like on your website and then they add the necessary coding in order for it to happen.

These means that without even knowing one code, you can have a website that has a home page and many other different pages. On that home page you can place a site map and links to the other pages and you will also be allowed to use a great deal of different formats for those additional pages as well as the home page. Website development software is considered to be essential for creating good websites today with even professionals using them.

As well as a website development tool, you will also need someone to host your website which means someone that has a server which can place your website on the internet. Godaddy is also a host for websites and in order to save money, you can easily find a Godaddy hosting coupon online. The host of your website will of course want a payment and several different plans are normally available to choose from, at varying prices of course. Although there are several different choices, if you only want one website to be hosted, the cheapest option is usually good enough but you will also have to decide how long you want your website hosted for. Although by paying to have it hosted for longer, perhaps 10 years, can save you money in the long run, most people will usually only pay for an initial 2 years so they can see how well the website is received. A slightly more expensive option will allow you to have several websites hosted for the one price and for a little more, additional features can be arranged such as help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will help your site to be displayed by the various search engines.

So you have your website created and you have someone to host it but you will be hoping that the site gets a lot of visitors. Although SEO will help you to get those visitors, it is the quality of your site that will draw the most visitors and possibly more importantly, cause those visitors to revisit it on many occasions. Although the website development tools can help you make your site look good, it is up to you to provide the content that will make it interesting enough for it to have repeat visitors. Not only should the information on your website be interesting but it should also be replaced or updated on regular occasions, keeping it interesting.